Police Find Eerie 6ft Void Under Mysterious Hole That Appeared In Road

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We are used to seeing massive potholes in the road as we drive around. In some areas of the country, the potholes are so big some people have even taken to planting flowers and other plant-type things in them.

But as well as being an eyesore, these potholes can cause quite a bit of damage to your suspension should you happen to drive over one at a speed of more than five mph.

And if you are on a motorbike or pedal bike, then you have got some serious issues if you inadvertently find that your wheels end up taking a dive into a pothole.

But police officers in Urmston, Greater Manchester, made an eerie discovery when they were called by concerned motorists about a pothole that had appeared on Rothiemay Road.


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When officers arrived on the scene, they had a quick look into the pothole and quickly realised that this was your average ‘suspension busting’ hole.

Lurking underneath the hole was a 6ft void that had just mysteriously appeared for reasons which are, as yet, unknown. 

An officer tweeted:

“Not so much a pothole more like a crater. There was a 6ft void below so a barrow full of tarmac won’t cut it. 

“Traffic PCSO left it with the local authority to rectify on Rothiemay Road in @GMPUrmston’.

A number of high-vis jackets were used to mark the hole until the roadside cavalry arrived. Along with the jackets, there appeared to be some sort of bizarre ‘high-vis’ swing. 

I guess that is one way to pass the time as you wait for the council to turn up and sort the situation out using a shed load of concrete. 

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