Police Boat Saves The Day After Returning Walking Stick To Stranded Owner

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The Hants Police Marine Unit has come in for some praise on social media after they managed to reunite a walking stick with its owner after it was accidentally dropped into the sea. 

Maddie had been taking a stroll next to a marina when her walking stick fell into the water yesterday (13th Sept) at around Midnight. As soon as the stick entered the murky water, Maddie knew that the chances of getting it back were incredibly slim.

In a tweet at the time, Maddie (@madeleinesteel) said: 

‘Just dropped my f**king walking stick into the sea. My phone’s about to die so will update later, but right now I am fuming at myself and upset and confused. 

Maddie would have been stuck on Southsea Tower were it not for the Marine Unit Officers (Image credit: DailyDits.com)

It wasn’t long before the marine unit found the black walking stick after it had become wedged on some rocks. 

One of the marine policing unit officers jumped off of the boat, climbed on the rocks and picked the walking stick up before it vanished beneath the waves.

By this time, Maddie’s partner had walked down to the rocks where the stick was located. One of the Marine Unit officers handed the stick back to Maddie’s partner, who then reunited it with her. 

Maddie told DailyDits:

‘The officers handed it back to my partner, who was down by the rocks and got him to take it up to me. I was on the top of the round tower in Southsea and dropped it from there. 

‘The officers told my partner that they were glad that they had found it, so I did not end up stuck on the tower. 

‘My partner joked with the officers that I was definately now liable for a cake fine. 

‘We are both emergency planners and, just like the police, are very familiar with the cake fine process’.

Featured image credit: HantsPolMarine / Twitter

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