Police Boat Saves The Day After Returning Walking Stick To Stranded Owner

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The Hants Police Marine Unit has come in for some praise on social media after they managed to reunite a walking stick with its owner after it was accidentally dropped into the sea. 

Maddie had been taking a stroll next to a marina when her walking stick fell into the water yesterday (13th Sept) at around Midnight. As soon as the stick entered the murky water, Maddie knew that the chances of getting it back were incredibly slim.

In a tweet at the time, Maddie (@madeleinesteel) said: 

‘Just dropped my f**king walking stick into the sea. My phone’s about to die so will update later, but right now I am fuming at myself and upset and confused. 

‘If any sees a black foldable stick with flowers on it floating about the Solent please return it to me’. 

Maddie’s forward-thinking partner then called the National Maritime Operation (NMO) centre on the very slim off-chance that they might be able to offer some advice re getting it back or assist in some other way. 

As a result of the call, the NMO let the Hants Police Maritime Unit know about the situation and, as they were in the area, a police boat then had a quick look for the missing walking stick. 

Maddie would have been stuck on Southsea Tower were it not for the Marine Unit Officers (Image credit: DailyDits.com)

It wasn’t long before the marine unit found the black walking stick after it had become wedged on some rocks. 

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