Fawn Spotted Curled Up Next To Headstone Of Unknown Soldier

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A heartwarming image has been shared on social media of a baby deer curled up next to the headstone of an unknown U.S. soldier in Georgia’s Andersonville National Cemetary.

In the picture, the fawn can be seen resting in front of a headstone that reads: ‘Unknown U.S. Soldier’ with the American flag next to it. 

The image was shared on the Andersonville National Historic Site with a caption that read:

“Park Maintenance Supervisor James Taylor spotted this young guest cosying up and giving special honour to an unknown soldier resting in Andersonville National Cemetery.

“Later in the day, several staff saw the doe come back for her young”.

One user commented that a fawn’s mother will leave their offspring in a safe place while they are feeding and will return once they have finished eating. 

Another commented:

“unknown except to God. And God sent a little angel to show his love for our fallen soldier”. 

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