Do You Want To Start Your Own Business? How About A Naked Cleaning Company?

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Most people, at some point, have thought about starting up their own business. But ask anyone who has gone through the stressful process of setting a business up and they will tell you that it is not an easy process.

First and foremost, you have to try and think of a business idea that will be original. Or, you have to try and think of a business that can solve an existing problem in a novel and original way.

And then once you have got the right business idea, you then have to worry about things such as; should the business be a Ltd company or a sole tradership? Should you register for VAT? How is the business going to be funded? What’s your marketing strategy etc.

But one business that was set up earlier this year seems to have managed to hit most of the points above in a very ‘natural’ way. The fact that we are even writing about this particular business also scores points on the ‘marketing’ side of things too (this is not an ‘advertorial’ – so we have not been paid for ‘promoting’ this particular business). 

When Claire O’Connor, 35, decided that she wasn’t really enjoying her job as a cleaner in a hotel, she decided to launch what we think is the world’s very first naked cleaning service that does not offer any ‘extras’.

For £85 per hour, you can get your home cleaned by a naked cleaner. If that is too pricey for you, then for £75 per hour you will get a topless cleaner, and for £65 per hour, a cleaner will sort your home out whilst wearing only lingerie. 

We must point out here, that ‘Fantasy Clean’ DOES NOT offer any other ‘services’. And they operate a very strict ‘no touching’ rule. But they do understand that their customers could become ‘excited’ as their property is given the once over. 

A note on their website states:

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