‘COVIDiot’ Leaves Bizarre Note On Lamp Posts In Scotland

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A series of bizarre notes have started to appear on some lamposts in and around Musselburgh in Scotland. One of our intrepid followers took a picture of one of them and sent the image into our team. 

It took us a few minutes to decipher, but the handwritten note, placed into a plastic cover and cable-tied to a lampost said:

‘Real news. Your local council, police, social services or school can and will come into your home and remove you, your family member, your kids if they feel that you are a threat of passing the fake COVID 19 on to other members of your family. 

‘This is kidnap.

Credit: DailyDits.com

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that if you want the facts rather than the conspiracy, then you should visit the NHS’s website or the government’s website for fact-based information. 

And look; I get that some people are scared of the virus because what it can do to your body is genuinely shocking. Nobody wants to have their lungs and internal organs damaged by a virus that is 100% avoidable. 

But I do not get why the tin-hat brigade feel the need to post their myths on lamposts? Most people have got enough intelligence to figure out the truth because they have ears, eyes and common sense. 

If you do not want the lockdown, then observe the rules! 

I am reasonably sure that COVID would beat a hasty retreat if we all used hand sanitiser more, wore a face covering and made sure that we socially distanced as well as downloading the NHS COVID-19 app.

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