Bizarre Crowdfunding Campaign Raises USD 90k For A ‘F**k COVID-19’ Commemorative Coin

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An online crowdfunding campaign has raised nearly USD 90k for a ‘F__k COVID-19’ commemorative coin with the aim of using the money to bring the silver coin into production. 

According to the page behind the campaign, the front of the coin will have a picture of a person wearing a gas mask on it accompanied with the words: ‘f**k COVID-19’ and ‘Coronavirus’. 

On the rear of the coin will be a picture of some toilet paper, a syringe and a thermometer as well as a face mask. Accompanying the images on the back of the coin will be the words: ‘I survived Coronavirus 2020’. 

The original goal for the amount of money to be raised for the campaign was $5,000. However, 1,618 people pledged $89,736 towards the coin with most of the donations being received within 24 hours of the campaign being launched.

On their crowdfunding page, a spokesperson for the group said: 

‘A commemorative coin to celebrate surviving this stupid f**kin’ pandemic & these crazy f**kin’ times! F**K COVID-19! (Large 39mm, 1oz.)’.

However, the people behind this bizarre campaign are not the first to launch a so-called ‘commemorative coin’. 

A so-called ‘commemorative coin’ that you can get on

You can also currently buy a ‘CORONAVIRUS Covid 19 Panda Silver Coin’ on Amazon which will set you back £131.95.

And, as you would expect, there are various other ‘novelty’ items which you can buy on Amazon which range from ‘funny’ t-shirts to novelty masks. 

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