Man Sculpts ‘F**k You’ On Dogs Back To Convince People To Social Distance

Encouraging people to keep two metres away from you can be hard work. After all, you are probably not going to keep saying to randoms that they have infiltrated your two-metre bubble. Otherwise, you would probably end up in some sort of argument at least 50 times a day. 

This is one of the reasons why wearing a face covering is so important. A face covering can give you some defence against the virus, and some protection is undoubtedly better than no defence at all, right? 

And then when you combine the fact that you are wearing your face covering with the fact that you are continually using hand sanitiser gel then, hopefully, your chances of getting the virus will be reduced. 

But what if people still invade your personal space? How can you get across your message in an effective passive-aggressive way that leaves the person who is invading your personal space in little doubt as to how you feel? 

This dog owner clearly wants people to stay away.

Well, one dog owner has put a no-nonsense message on their dogs back, which leaves people in little doubt as to what they should be doing when the dog owner (and his dog) are around. 

The words ‘f**k u’ should convey to the general public that this person really does not want anyone near him. But you will probably need some great barbering skills and a decent set of clippers in order to replicate this public service announcement.

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