Civilian Gets ‘Airborne’ Tattoo, And His Wife Now Reckons He’s ‘Basically Airborne’ And That She Is A ‘Military Wife’

There are a few qualities which you need before you embark upon a career in the military. It would help if you were brave as well as be willing to work as part of a team. You also need to be fit and be willing to take commands from your superiors. 

I talk from experience as I had the privilege and honour of serving in the military from the tender age of 16 to 21. I enjoyed my time spent in the armed forces and would highly recommend a career in the military to anyone who is thinking of joining up. 

But, of course, there are the individuals out there who like the idea of serving in the armed forces but, for whatever reason, decide not to take the leap of faith by signing on the dotted line. 

But one guy who loved the idea of joining the forces, but never actually did, decided to get an ‘airborne’ tattoo on his neck. It is weird when a civilian gets a regimental tattoo despite having never served. Some people in the veteran community call it ‘stolen valour’. 

It is usual for civilians to grab some military memorabilia to show their support for and of the armed forces, but getting a regimental tattoo – despite having never served – is just odd. 

And it is even weirder when your wife tells you to get the tattoo and then creates a post on social media telling the world that, just because you have the tattoo and you like the idea of serving, then you are just as good as someone who serves and that she is now a ‘military wife’.

In the post, the confused spouse said:

‘Well, my hubby and I are engaged but not married, but basically, I am an army wife. He hasn’t enlisted but has been thinking about joining the military. 

‘He loves airborne, so I suggested that he get a tattoo of it on his neck. I know he never went to the school, but he’s basically airborne in his heart. 

‘So proud of my hubby for getting an airborne tattoo based off my suggestion! He Doesn’t need to enlist! It’s how he feels’. 

The bit that gets me is the: ‘he doesn’t need to enlist! It’s how he feels!’.ย 

No! It isn’t! If he wants to get the airborne tattoo and thus give everyone the impression that he has served, then he needs to get off his arse and sign up! 

You can’t just get a tattoo of a regimental badge and then claim that, just because you like the idea of serving and just because you have now got the tattoo, then you are as good as anyone who has gone through the process! 

What is the world coming to!? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

14 thoughts on “Civilian Gets ‘Airborne’ Tattoo, And His Wife Now Reckons He’s ‘Basically Airborne’ And That She Is A ‘Military Wife’

  1. He’s an idiot being x infantryman you do not claim your something when you are not if there is one thing that pissing us off is wannabes. I think he should get the tattoo removed. Or let the paras drag his sorry ass to selection and see if he can pass the P.R.C
    I I’ve just had another look at the tattoo is it American airborne if so stupid boy pike

  2. Look at the positives – it’s spelt correctly, so that’s a start. He could celebrate the entire US armed forces and get a tat for every regiment and corps. His mrs would be well impressed

  3. They are american jugding by her post, just chill out folks, someone will see it and shoot him for stealing valour soon, its inevitable!

  4. These people do not understand that many vets have lost comrades during various operational tours and some suffer the effects of what they have seen and experienced for many years if not a lifetime, itโ€™s not all fun and games, this is why vets take stolen valour so serious, these people need to get a grip of themselves and I believe it is now a criminal offence in the US soon to be the same in the UK๐Ÿ‘

  5. Ilook forward to hearing an Airborne Trooper cutting his tattoo off with his knife. He deserves nothing less. But maybe make the woman eat it if she likes it so much.

  6. Top pair of cunts , but I do see the funny side of it , not married and my rearly Airborne, but sort of ,ha ha ha love it ,probably a couple of hillbilly assholes living the dream lol

  7. I think the whole story is a wind-up, but on the off chance it’s gen then it’s less insane than claiming to be a woman while packing meat and two veg.

    The world is full of people with mental problems and this pair is no worse than a six foot, twenty stone bricklayer calling himself Penelope because he fancies a nice frock, and then getting an official document endorsing his phuqwittery.

  8. Lol.
    If you want to see a real military fantasist go above and beyond the call of duty then google GEORGE DORLING Beyond The Firm.
    This prize prat even had the brass neck to put a book out about his 15 years in The Paras. Thing is though he never was!
    He was exposed big time and even left the book publisher having to issue an apology for being had over by this dickhead.
    Turns out he did about 4 years in the army at most and nowadays cleans trains.
    Word on the Para Facebook groups is he is still Walting around Blackpool telling anyone stupid enough to listen that its all a bit fit up and all the dozens of genuine military lads who actually know him are all in on it aswell and want to ruin his good name as a heroic war veteran.
    Check all the reviews. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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