Police In Australia Issue Ticket To Driver Who Had A Goat On His Lap

As you drive around, I am sure you have got used to seeing your fellow drivers meander through the streets with some odd things in their car. If they cannot fit it on the inside of their car, then you can be rest assured that they will try and strap it to their roof. 

Anything from mattresses to huge cupboards can often be spotted hap-hazardously being strapped to a car as the driver barely manages to keep control of their vehicle because their view becomes obscured by whatever it is they are trying to transport. Massive TV’s are also a favourite when it comes to trying to fit massive objects into small vehicles.

But when officers in Western Australia saw a driver with a goat on his lap, then I bet even they had a double-take at the sight that beheld them. I guess that putting the goat on your lap is still better (for the goat) than strapping the animal to the roof of the car, but you would have thought that the driver would have come up with a better way of transporting the animal. 

A post shared on the Western Australia Police Force Facebook page shared an image of the ticket that had been dished out to the driver. Along with the picture was the caption ‘you’ve goat to be kidding…’ The details of the offence were: ‘Drive motor vehicle with goat on lap’. 

Image credit: Facebook

The ticket cost the driver a cool $100 AUS, which is an expensive way to transport your goat to wherever it is that goats needs to be transported to. 

One follower pointed out: ‘I see people driving with dogs on their laps all the time. Hope they get fined too. So stupid and unsafe. Worse than being on your phone’. 

Thankfully, there is a solution (to transporting dogs in the car), and it can be found in the form of a dog harness made especially for your vehicle. You can buy them¬†on Amazon from around 12.99¬†(we aren’t sure if they can be used to transport goats…)

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