How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up With A Face Mask On

Let’s talk about how to stop your glasses steaming up (outside the confines of your bedroom).

The main issue that many of us have with wearing our face coverings, is that we are always having to battle with the fact that our glasses (for those who wear them) are continually fogging up.

I am relatively lucky in that I only have to wear my glasses when it is dark, so that means that don’t have to wear them when I am down the shops stocking up on toilet paper and other essential items such as a new wardrobe for autumn.

But for many people who wear glasses, then the battle is real when it comes to the endless misty view which comes with having to wear glasses whilst at the same time also having to wear your mask. 

So we have scanned the internet and have come up with the following three tips which should help to prevent your glasses from fogging up every time you have to put your face mask on. 

Tip #1 – The Tuck Method

For this to work, you have to make sure that your glasses are not behind your face mask, i.e. you have to ensure that you push the top of the mask around your nose and then you place your glasses on the outside of your mask. 

Tip #2 – The Tissue Method 

Tape some tissue inside the top of the mask in order to catch the moisture. The tissue will then capture the condensation that is generated when you breathe out – especially when the outside temperature is cold. For this method to work, it is best to roll up the tissue and then fix it to the inside of the top of your mask. Make sure that the tissue covers the width of the face mask. 

Tip #3 – The Soap Method

For this to work, then you will need to wash your glasses in warm soapy water. This will leave a thin anti-mist layer on the lenses. This layer will be enough to stop your glasses from fogging up whilst wearing your face mask, for as long as the thin layer of soap remains on the lens. 

Tip #4 – Buy Some Anti-Mist Spray

I am used to having to use anti-mist spray on the visor on my motorbike helmet, and I have found, from experience, that this works just as well on my glasses too. You can buy some decent anti-mist spray on Amazon

So there we have it! Our top four tips on how to stop your glasses from fogging up whilst you are wearing your face mask.

Try these methods out and let us know how you get on by leaving a comment in the comments section below. 

And if you know someone who is constantly asking for advice on how to stop your glasses steaming up, then you know where to send them.

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