WATCH | This Is Why You Should Never Ride Through Roadworks

As a keen motorcyclist myself, then I know just how many perks there are when it comes to darting along the road on two wheels rather than four. Top of the list of these ‘perks’ is the fact that you do not have to sit in stationary traffic. 

Of course, you always get ‘that’ motorist who cannot handle the fact that being on two wheels means that you can slip between the traffic rather than having to spend your precious hours sat in mind-numbingly-boring gridlock traffic. So you always have to be on the look-out for people intentionally trying to knock you off of your bikes as you make steady progress through miles and miles of traffic.

Riding a bike through traffic is great in the cool weather, but when it is swelteringly hot and you are moving at a slow pace whilst wearing your motorcycle helmet gloves and heavy jacket then you sometimes do wish that you were sat in a nice cool air-conditioned car, even if that car isn’t going anywhere because it is stuck in traffic! 

Another ‘perk’ that comes with being on two wheels rather than four, is the fact that you can slip through tiny gaps which you would have no hope of getting through if you were in a car. I am talking here about the sort of gap that is created by road signs and bollards which are there to stop traffic from passing a particular area. 

A prime example of this is the road furniture, signs and bollards which are put on the road to stop cars from driving over newly poured wet concrete. 

In the video below, one motorcyclist got a bit stuck after he/she decided to slip through the gap of some bollards which had been put on the road to keep motorists away from a fresh patch of wet, sticky concrete. And, as you would expect, loads of people were on hand to film the encounter. 

After the motorcyclist became stuck in the wet concrete, only one person (probably a fellow biker) from the construction crew who were on the scene, tried to help the stricken biker. For 50 seconds, the person filming the incident captures the awkward attempts of the motorcyclist as he tried to free his bike from the sticky, quick-drying cement

I bet he spent the next eight months meticulously cleaning the bike in an attempt to try and get all of that nasty dirt of his beautiful machine. He must have gone through at least 50 motorbike cleaning kits!

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