Six Essential Items For Anyone Who Works Night Shifts

Working night shifts are hard work, especially if you are not able to get any decent sleep during the day before your night shift starts. Having to face 12 hours of working through the night is bad enough, without the added problem of barely being able to stay awake.

When I used to work night shifts, I would often be woken up during the day by one of my neighbours who just sat in doors all day playing drum and bass as loud as he possibly could. He was a t**t. And, to be fair, probably still is.

But what are the five essential items you need before starting your long and emotionally draining night shift?

1. A decent torch. You cannot be expected to work through the night if you cannot see what you are doing, right? That’s why a torch is an essential bit of kit for anyone who is going to be embarking on a night shift. We have found one for you for under £10.


‘This is a great torch for the price and exactly what I needed for dog walks on the field at 5am. It’s small enough for your Jean’s pocket, but reassuringly weighty, giving it a quality feel. The beam casts a very bright wide illumination but you can also adjust it to narrow the field right down to aim at something in particular. Using the batteries that came with it so need to add some longer life batteries (3xAAA) in order to comment on battery life. All in all a powerful little torch’ – Adam.

Buy it from Amazon for 9.99

2. Morale. Ok, so you cannot ‘buy’ morale, but you can buy something that will help you to keep your morale levels relatively high which, when working a night shift, is vital. So we have found a book that should help you to keep your levels of morale relatively high. The book is called: ‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’

Best Review:

‘I love this book! It is both hilariously funny, and thought provoking, and educational all at the same time as well as giving you all sorts of “did you know” stories to bore your friends and family for months!

Its a total dip-in book. The short chapters (3-6 pages) are pretty much random, and cover all areas of science. I’ve learnt stuff about genetics that I never realised, as well as radioactivity, the periodical table and much more besides, as well as chuckling away and giggling and generally annoying people right through Christmas Day.’ – John Birch

Buy it from Amazon for 8.19

3. A lunch box. If you work in a job where working a night shift also means that you could end up rolling around all over the place, then you are going to need somewhere to keep your highly nutritious food. Thankfully, we have found just such a place. This lunch box is perfect if you like taking your own food into work rather than having to ‘fork’ out a small fortune on fast food (your immune system will love you for it if you take your own decent food into work with you!). This eco-friendly ‘lunch’ box allows you to keep your food intact and compartmentalised – so no more opening your lunch box to find that your food has become a sloppy mess.

Best Review:

‘Having been through so many lunch boxes, I was never satisfied with any I had for long. But this one is great, How the inside is divided is great. Encourages me to start a balanced diet. But my main focus was the leak proof feature. And I was amazed. For a week I had this not one drop of liquid in my backpack. As you can see in my video, even with water filled and the box on its side, no leak. The lunch box is very sturdy. The quality is apparent from the moment you unbox it. The spoon and fork is a great addition. Never forget them now, which was a problem in the past. No more nicking spoons and fork from local coffee shop!!’ – Mr Abdo

Buy it from Amazon for 28.75 (free delivery).

4. A face covering. During these tough times then, unless you are lucky enough to work on your own, then you are probably going to want some sort of face covering. Especially if you job means that you cannot avoid coming into contact with people. So we have found a site that supplies comfy face coverings which can also be used to show your support for the emergency services! They have the thin blue line (police) thing green line (ambulance) thin red line (fire & rescue service) and ‘thank you NHS Heroes’ face coverings.

Best Review:

‘One size fits all and they are great quality. each one is made to order and mine came in around three days. Just don’t do what I did and wear the mask upside down for two days (the thing green line one). – Claire H

Buy one from Teespring for 12.99

5. A mug for your coffee. When I used to work night shifts, then I would drink around two cups of coffee each hour. I used to stay away from so-called ‘energy drinks’ as I value my bladder and my kidneys far too much. Now, you could just go for a plain mug. But why not instead buy a mug that reflects your personality or your mood/attitude towards work? We have found an online shop call ‘Muggy Mugs’ which has over 70 different designs of novelty/comedy mugs.

Best Review

‘I hate my job and I hate my boss so the ‘sorry I’m late but I don’t like coming here’ mug for perfect for me. If, like me, then you have a boss who has the personality of a shrimp, then you might want to hide your mug each time your power hungry boss comes around to make sure that you are earning the pittance that you are paid. The last time my boss asked me to make a coffee for him, then I rimmed the cup before making him a crap crap of coffee. But that’s just me’ – Robert.

Buy one from Teespring for 9.99

6. Haribo Sweets. If you have ever worked through the night, then you will probably have some idea of just how vital ‘energy kicks’ are when you are really starting to lag. For years now, Haribo sweets have been used by nightshift workers as an effective way of boosting energy levels when you need them most. And for anyone who is running exceptionally low on energy, those ‘fizzy’ sweets can often be your best option.

Best Review

Let’s face it; they do not need one!

You can get your stash of Haribo sweets, and many other items, delivered to your home when you use Amazon Fresh

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