What’s The Cake Fine For This Then?

The one thing you can be 100% sure of when you get your 4×4 stuck (assuming that you are in the emergency services) is that you will end up having to buy the whole team cakes to redeem yourself. 

Not only that, but the result of your situation will also (probably) be shared all over social media, if not by your oppos then by members of the public. 

For Lancashire Polices’ Drone Team, then getting their massive 4×4 stuck in some soggy looking soil will end up costing them cakes. Many cakes. 

But which cakes? Or rather, what cakes should be used to ‘pay’ their cake fine? 

Krispy Creme probably won’t cut it for this mishap. But it depends on whether or not they were able to pull the police vehicle out of the situation with another police vehicle. 

If they had to call upon the services of the Fire & Rescue Service, then the fine will be even higher, so a better grade of ‘cake’ will need to be purchase. 

Let us know in the comments below which cakes should be used to put this situation right.

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