Fire Service Posts Job Advert That Pays £190M Per Year

At a time when the private sector is battling with the effects of COVID, then the public sector can be seen as a good source of new jobs for anyone who finds themselves out of work. 

After all, we are always going to need the likes of the emergency services, the armed forces and the civil service, so why not look at a career in the public sector? 

There has always been an expectation that jobs in the public sector do not pay as well as the private sector. 

But when social media users saw a job that was posted by Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service for an ‘ICT Technician’ that pays a whopping £22,911 per hour, then I bet that even people who do not know what an ‘ICT Technician’ is ended up applying! 

Even some of the worlds top earners cannot muster up £22,911 per hour, which would be around £190,619,520 per year!

That is probably more than the actual budget of the respective fire service that posted the ad. 

Of course – much to the disappointment of potential candidates – there had been an error when the ad was posted onto social media with the salary offered being £22,911 per year as opposed to per hour. 

I don’t even think the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, earns £190,619,520 per year! 

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