Can We All Just Agree Not To Wear ‘Masks’ Like This One?

Out of all of the different DIY face masks designs which we have seen being shared on social media, then this one is perhaps the most useless. 

A few weeks ago, we told you about a guy who had a gold mask made by his personal jeweller. 

You don’t need us to tell you that the 24-carat masterpiece offered pretty much zero protection to its affluent owner. 

But when we saw an image doing the rounds on social media which showed a fellow human wearing a pink mask that had been knitted with huge holes in it, then we were taken aback. 

Maybe the owner wants to keep her nose and mouth warm and is not really that bothered about tiny droplets of moisture entering her nose and mouth. 

But if she is looking for some sort of protection from the virus, then it is fair to say that this particular ‘mask’ will not afford her any protection whatsoever.  

It could also be the case that maybe her mum or nan has knitted it for her and she just felt compelled to wear it, take a picture and then remove it – which is the sort of thing I would do too. 

Either way, if you need a new mask, then it is perhaps best to steer well clear of this particular type of ‘design’. 

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