YouTuber Attracts 3 Million Views After Staring At A Wall For 2 Hours

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Ask any YouTube content creator about trying to notch up the view count on their social media channel, and they will probably confirm just how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. 

With so many content creators online, finding something that grabs the viewer’s attention can be quite hard. 

And then you have to worry about how awkward you are going to look.

Should you try and be funny? Should you try and be serious? Should you try some dodgy stunts which could leave you seriously injured? 

Nothing. Literally, nothing. 

For 2 hours twenty minutes and 52 seconds, Sobat Miskin stared at a wall. 

And his video has somehow managed to penetrate the clandestine ‘holy grail’ of every YouTubers mission: to publish a video that goes viral

As of today (20th August), the video has had 3,243,015 views. 

If his YouTube channel wasn’t monetised before, then it will be now as he has easily smashed the 10,000-hour watch time needed before you can add adverts into your videos on YouTube. 

After 1 hour and 16 minutes, the viewer is given an ‘Adbreak’ | Credit: sobat miskin official – YouTube

But how much could he earn from this video? 

Well, on average, each view will make you around 0.0002 of whatever your local currency is. 

So, for comparison, Sobat could have earned around $648 USD from this one video (if his channel was monetised before the view count started. 

But now I know what you are thinking: ‘I can do that!’ 

The problem is, now that Sobat has achieved success with this 2-hour ‘staring video’ the concept is no longer original. 

Meaning that if you tried to do a similar thing, then the chances are that the video would flop. 

Social media is a funny thing. 

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