WATCH | Idiot Makes Shop Assistant Cry After After He Refused To Wear A Mask

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A video has emerged on Twitter of the moment when a male makes a shop assistant cry after he refused to wear a mask and started to record the awkward encounter. 

The video has been shared not by the person who filmed it (as that person appears to have deleted their Twitter account) but by someone else. 

In the video, the male starts by pointing his phone at a startled shop assistant. He asks her: ‘Would you like to say that again?’

The bemused member of staff walks over to her colleague and says: ‘he is recording me’. 

The male then walks up to another female shop assistant and, pointing the camera at her face, says: ‘Are you still telling me to wear a mask?’.

The shop assistant clearly distressed over the male aggressive, and gruff demeanour says: ‘I haven’t said anything to you’. 

The argumentative and aggressive male then said: ‘You have just said to me, ‘would you like to wear a mask’.

The shop assistant replies: ‘that wasn’t me’. 

The belligerent male then asserts to the startled shop assistant: ‘Are you forcing me to wear a mask?’. 

The shop assistant replies: ‘I haven’t forced you to do anything’. 

‘So why are you asking me to wear a mask’ the male replies. 

The shop assistant then becomes physically upset as the moronic male continues to film her. 

He then says: ‘Why are you getting upset for? I would suggest that you go and calm yourself down and go outside and relax. Don’t come to customers and tell them what to do, for shopping’.

As the upset shop assistant is led away by a colleague, the idiot then says to her: ‘And sort your emotions out first, before you get a job’, as he still films her. 

What the muppet who is filming the encounter appears not to have comprehended, is that the shop assistant who offered him a mask (because he is ignoring the rules and is not wearing one) was not the same shop assistant who he then made cry. 

It would seem as if the idiot filming thought that perhaps he could become the next ‘big thing’ on social media by making a mountain out of a molehill. 

When, in reality, he has just made himself look silly, as highlighted by the hundreds of comments on the video. 

Most people with a bit of common sense and decency will wear a mask because they know that it can help to stop the spread of the virus. 

Obviously, anyone with medical conditions which prevent them from wearing a mask is excluded from the life-saving rules.

But this moron just seemed to be intent on causing an argument with people who were just doing their job. 

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