‘Please Do NOT Strap Your Loved One’s Power Chairs To Your Hitch Haulers With Them Still On It’ Says ‘Sheriff’s Dept

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When you are monitoring social media for interesting stories to bring to your readers and followers, then you see a lot of different ‘stuff’. 

But sometimes even we are caught off-guard but some of the bizarre images and videos which we see. 

And this is no exception. 

When our highly complicated and sophisticated software informed us about an image that was getting a lot of shares, we thought that it was worthy of a closer look. 

The image appeared to show someone strapped to the back of a vehicle whilst being seated on an ‘electric chair’. 

Immediately, we thought ‘wtaf’ and went directly to the page that shared the image. 

‘Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Dept’ shared the image with the following caption:

‘Please do NOT strap your loved one’s power chairs to your hitch haulers with them still on it. 

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