Man Creates His Own Ecosystem To Protect Himself From COVID

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We might be used to see people walking around with paper masks covering their mouth (but not their noses), but I am reasonably sure that this will probably be the first time you have seen a male walking around with his own complete ecosystem? 

The image above is doing the rounds on social media, and it appears to show a male with his own portable greenhouse strapped to his shoulders.

I say ‘appears to show’ because some people are really good at photoshop, so you can never be too sure anymore.  

We can’t tell what sort of ‘herb’ has been grown in the mobile greenhouse, but it would not take much imagination when it comes to thinking of the different types of ‘green’ that could be grown in this ‘green house’…if you know what I mean. 

It would seem that the image has originated in Turkey, judging by the Twitter account that has shared it. 

A police officer appears to have walked past the chap and has just left him to it – and rightly so! 

We all know just how polluted and dirty our once-pristine air is. And plants are the only ones who can clean this dirty air for us. 

So it makes perfect sense to create your own little ecosystem that can fit nicely on your shoulders as you take a walk around your local town. 

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