Could This Be The Cutest Parent-Child T-Shirt Combo?

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Trying to find a funny and original t-shirt combo for you and your little ones can be quite hard; assuming, of course, that you are into that sort of fashion statement. 

I have got two ‘mini-me’s’, and I am relatively confident that I won’t be donning a ‘parent/off-spring’ fashion statement anytime soon, just because it makes me cringe, albeit, just a little bit. 

But I will admit that this ‘pizza’ t-shirt did make me smile. 

After all, our kids are the slices of our ‘life pizza‘ that we love just as much as pizza itself. 

BEST REVIEW: I love this! Probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought! My partner thought it was great too. Had so many lovely comments from family members about it as well. Money well spent! Came faster than expected too. Thank you so much! – Beki

Buy it from Amazon for 26.95

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