WATCH | Police Driver Loses Control Of Vehicle On Wet Road

Even professional drivers can fall victim to the sort of unseen slippery road surfaces which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

In the video below, a police car that was on a blue-light run overtakes a vehicle at a relatively slow speed before making a sharp left. 

It might seem like an odd manoeuvre (i.e. overtaking a car before a left turn), but we don’t know if, for example, the driver was pursuing a vehicle and had to make a last-minute change of direction. 

Or the driver of the police car could have been given a last-minute updated location to head towards during what could have been a fast-moving situation following an emergency call being made by a member of the public.

As the police vehicle completes its manouvere, the tyres of the car lose traction, and it ends up ploughing into the crash barrier. 

The startled motorist that had just been overtaken by the police car initially stops behind the police car before overtaking it and then pulling over to make sure that the driver is ok.

It just goes to show that even professional drivers can get caught out by dodgy road conditions – especially when there has been an oil or diesel spill on the road. 

Thankfully, the officer driving the car was not seriously injured.

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One thought on “WATCH | Police Driver Loses Control Of Vehicle On Wet Road

  1. The police officer driving and the police officer in the passenger seat were ok. The black volvo waiting to come out of the junction was also struck, just glanced off the doors. Thankfully nobody was hurt, just some minor vehicle damage and maybe some embarrassment on the drivers behalf.

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