WATCH | Older Brother Uses Treasure Hunt To Ask Younger Brother With Down Syndrome To Be His Best Man

At a time when there is so much hate and negativity floating around the planet, finding a genuinely ‘heart warming’ story can be quite hard. 

But, we think we have found one such spirit-lifting piece. 

The story and video revolves around the moment when a man asked his younger brother to be his best man at his wedding.

Will Claussen, 24, has an extremely close bond with his younger brother, Henry. 

22-year-old Henry has Down Syndrome, which is a genetic condition where the individual affected has an extra chromosome in their DNA. 

Will wanted to make the occasion an extra special one for his little brother. So he staged a ‘treasure hunt’ and hid a bottle under the sand that had a very special message in it. 

At first, when Henry found the bottle, he thought that it was a prank. But his brother urged him to open the bottle and read the message contained within it. 

As Henry unfurled the paper and saw the message, then he knew that what he had found was indeed something special. 

It was a note, written by his brother, asking Henry to be his best man. 

The heartwarming note said:

“Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my very BEST frand, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?”

Of course, Henry said ‘yes’ and immediately jumped into his brother’s arms whilst saying ‘I love you’. 

The video, filmed by Will’s fiancee has been viewed millions of times.

Will, who is from Mankato, Minnesota, had been planning the unique message in a bottle since he proposed to his fiancee, AJ. He knew that he wanted to ask his brother in a way that he would never forget. 

Will said:

“I always knew that Henry was going to be my best man. We have been pretty much inseparable since he was born.

“I decided to use one of his favourite hobbies, metal detecting, as a way to ask him to be my best man”. 

Will mapped out the day so Henry would find the bottle with its unique message while out with his metal detector at the family’s log cabin by Ten-Mile lake in Hackensack, Northern Minnesota.

“Henry was beginning to worry he was going to get left out of the wedding party – he was so happy when he read the message” Will added.

When asked how he felt about the video going viral Will said it was “crazy” but he was glad that he and his brother had “spread some positivity and happiness”.

AJ and Will, who met at college, have been together for two-and-a-half years and plan to get married next summer.

At the end of the video, even the family dog seemed to want to get involved with the celebrations as she came running down the hill towards the happy duo. 

During these troubling and uncertain times, it is great to be able to share such a heart-warming story. 

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