Autumn Has Arrived Early – Wants To Get 2020 Over With ASAP

As storm Francis makes its presence known to the UK, many people have commented that it would appear that autumn has arrived early. 

And who can blame it? Autumn probably wants to get 2020 over-and-done with just as much as the next person. 

In a year when we have had to endure a pandemic, racial tensions, lying politicians, wildfires and floods then anyone could be easily forgiven for asserting that they want to get 2020 out of the way.

And storm Francis is no exception. 

Although these sort of storms typically hit the UK in October, I am guessing, as many others have, that Storm Francis wants to come, do its ‘thing’ and then get the heck out of here. 

I have figured out that the only way to try and maintain any sense of mental wellbeing for the rest of 2020 is to turn off the news, listen to some decent music and sit around having a laugh with some friends (whilst observing social distancing) talking complete rubbish about completely random things. 

In 2019, I remember watching a documentary about people who were building bunkers in their back garden. 

At the time, I remember thinking ‘wtf are they doing?’. But now it all makes sense. 

If you do know anyone who has got a spare seat in their homemade bunker, then please feel free to drop me a DM.

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