Offenders Who Are On A Tag Try To ‘Bling’ Their Devices

If you have ever spotted someone walking around your local high street with what looks like a tracking device strapped to their ankle, then it is probably because they have fallen foul of the law and now they are indeed being tracked. 

Putting someone on a ‘tag’ can be used as a way of enforcing various punishments such as curfews etc. 

The tag is waterproof and must be worn at all times. If you try to remove it, then you commit a separate offence which can be added to whatever crimes you have been convicted of. 

The large bulky devices can often easily be spotted – especially during the summer months when the wearing of shorts becomes the norm. 

For fashion-conscious people, then, if strapped to your ankle, these devices really can cramp your style. 

But one image that we spotted being shared on social media earlier today seems to suggest that some individuals who have been placed on a tag are trying to figure out ways of making the devices look more fashionable. 

And it would seem that one way of doing this is to put a YSL ‘bag’ over the device, thus giving the impression that the person who has been tagged is merely wearing an ‘ankle’ bag’ rather than a 24/7 GPS tracking device. 

If you do happen to have a tag, then, unfortunately, these little designer bags are not currently on sale in any major stores. 

This specimen seems to be more like a one-off. 

But knowing how enterprising humanity is, then it won’t be long before someone appears online selling these little ‘ankle bags’. 

Although, you will probably have to save up for quite a few months before you can afford one. 

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