Motorcyclist Spotted Riding With Carved Pumpkin For A Helmet

When you decide to enter the two-wheeled-world of motorcycling then, other than the bike itself, your ‘lid’ is going to be the next most expensive bit of kit. 

For a decent one, you are looking at having to spend about a quarter of your monthly salary. 

But it is well worth the investment. Let’s face it; you only get one head, so it is within your best interest to look after it. 

But what if you do not have the money for a helmet, but you still want to go out and enjoy the freedom that comes with riding on two wheels? 

Well, this guy thinks he has found the answer in the form of a helmet made out of a pumpkin. 

Whilst the pumpkin-helmet won’t give you any protection when it comes to your head, you will still benefit from being able to outstare any motorist who dares to try and cut you up. 

The other issue you will have will be the flies and other airborne ‘things’ that will want to find your eyeball as your cruise through the streets. 

I think I will stick to my conventional lid even though I have had the same one for the last ten years, and it is started to ‘kick up’ a bit. 

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