Dog Walkers Urged To Be Vigilant After ‘Scumbag’ Hides Fishing Hooks In Sausages

Dog walkers in Knightswood have been urged to be vigilant after an eagle-eyed walker spotted some cooked sausages which had been laced with fishing hooks. 

It is thought that the nasty individual who left the sausages with the large fishing hooks in them was hoping that a dog would find them and then be maimed in the process of eating them. 

In a post shared on twitter, the good samaritan said:

‘Knightswood this morning…guy spotted throwing something onto the ground and hurrying away…Police Scotland have been notified!

‘All dog/animal owners be vigilant please’. 

Twitter users were quick to condemn the actions of the coward who clearly was intent on causing the maximum amount of pain and discomfort to whichever poor animal happened to find the burnt sausages. 

One twitter use called the person who left the trap a ‘scumbag’. 

Another added:

‘Someone has sat down, thought about this and taken the time to manufacture something that would cause the maximum pain and heartache! 

‘What state of mind must they be in? 

‘Need to be found, I hope the police have been informed?’

Meanwhile, another Twitter user added:

‘Hope to read of a report tomorrow….. “Guy followed home and set about by dog and owner, left in stairwell soaked in their own pish and shite”……’

Hopefully, now the message is getting out there, then no dog (or other animals) will suffer what could be an excruciating and prolonged death after eating one of these sausages.

There are some truly evil people out there, that’s for sure.

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