Pork Tenderloin, Anyone?

If you are a meat-eater, then you have probably, at some point, clamped your teeth onto a pork tenderloin. 

But one happy shopper got a bit of a surprise when he picked up a pork tenderloin that looked like it belongs in someone’s trousers rather than on someone’s plate. 

According to the label on the packet, it was a: ‘pork fillet regular’ and ‘pork tenderloin reg’. But there does not appear to be anything ‘regular’ about them at all. 

In fact, the packet of meat looks like it would be more suited sat on a shelf in an adult shop rather than being snuggled up in the meat section of whichever supermarket this beast was found in. 

It looks like the happy shopper grabbed a bargain though, as they only paid 6.35 for it. 

It just would not look right being cooked away in an oven though. 

The image of the meat-and-no-veg was shared in our: ‘Interesting Stuff Spotted Online‘ Facebook group. 

Does anyone know any good pork recipes? 

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