Cold Fridge Shows What Can Happen To Your ‘Sausage’

If you are a bloke, then you know what can happen to your ‘sausage’ if you encounter some cold weather. ‘Things’ just seem to vanish. 

But trying to explain this ‘phenomenon’ to your partner can be quite hard (no pun intended), especially if you are at that stage in your relationship where you are getting ready to take that first glimpse each others ‘downstairs’ regions. 

But help is at hand, because this image, which we spotted being shared on social media, highlights precisely what can happen if your ‘meat and two veg’ get cold. 

So if, for example, you just happen to be outside with your new partner and start to feel a bit playful – but she becomes worried when she sees your manhood all shrivelled up – then just explain to her what effect the cold weather can have on your manhood. 

If she still isn’t buying it, then maybe just show her this pic of some shrivelled up sausages in a cold fridge. 

Then, my friends, she will understand completely. 

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