Male Confuses ATM Finger Protection With Condoms

We have become used to wearing our facemasks and carrying around gallons of hand sanitiser with us when we go out, but what happens if you run out of the latter? 

If we forget to bring our facemask with us when we leave home, then we can probably knock up an alternative in a relatively short period of time. 

But if we leave home without any hand sanitiser and we aren’t willing to pay extortionate amounts of money for latex gloves, then how can we protect ourselves when using everyday ‘things’ like ATM’s? 

Well, one bank thought about this problem and so decided to hand out tiny little ‘finger protectors’ which you can slip onto your boney digits before using a cash machine. 

But when they handed a pack of them out to a customer, he thought, for some reason, that the bank employee was giving him some tiny condoms! 

Apparently, the male told the bank staff: ‘Oh, I need a much bigger one than this’ to which the bank employee said: ‘no sir. It goes on your finger for the ATM’. 

It makes you wonder what the male must have thought was being propositioned by the bank employee. 

Perhaps he was confusing the commercial bank with a sperm bank? 

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