BMW Driver Who Challenged Unmarked Police Car To A Race Gets A Hefty Fine

Have you ever been stuck at a set of traffic lights and noticed that someone starts revving their car at you in the hope that you will enter into an illegal street race with them? 

To be honest, it does not happen to me that often as it takes my car about an hour to get up to 60 mph. 

But I have seen it happen quite a bit and, when I do spot this sort of thing when out-and-about, I often think how funny it would be if the boy racer who is hoping for a burn out inadvertently ‘challenges’ an unmarked police car. 

Well, that is precisely what happened to one BMW driver when he pulled up next to a nice looking unmarked police car. 

Of course, the boy racer did not know that it was an unmarked police car which he was challenging. 

But it soon became apparent to him when the blue flashing light lit up his face. 

The ‘you could not make it up’ moment happened to some Surrey-based Roads Policing officers. 

In a tweet, a spokesperson for the unit said:

‘The driver of this car was revving his engine to try and entice our unmarked car into a race. 

‘His dreams fell apart when the blue lights came on and he recieved a section 59 Warning and FPN for his tiny……..number plate’.

What we really liked about this tweet, was the reference to the BMW drivers tiny……..number plate….

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