Sophie Khan Is Blocking Police Twitter Accounts In Their Droves…And Here’s Why

As we were monitoring the thousands of tweets which are published each second on the popular platform, we noticed that quite a few ‘job’ accounts were reporting that ‘anti-taser’ solicitor Sophie Khan was blocking them.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared that a ‘twitter storm’ had erupted over, what can only be described as an inflammatory tweet, was published by Ms Khan regarding the tragic death of hero PC Andrew Harper. 

The young police officer was dragged to his death by three prolific thieves who had decided to steal a £10,000 quad bike off of a hard-working member of the public. 

PC Harper’s three killers were recently convicted of manslaughter after the hero police officer was dragged for 1.4 miles at an average speed of 42.5 mph behind a car that was being driven by career criminal Henry Long.

PC Harper paid the ultimate sacrifice when he tried to stop callous thieves who had just robbed someone while being armed with a variety of different weapons. 

The heartbreaking story of his death touched the nation. He laid down his life as he tried to bring evil individuals to justice. 

A petition that has been signed by over 350,000 people has called for a much stricter sentence to be handed down to each of the officer’s killers and his brave and loving family have started up a campaign called ‘Andrew’s Law’.

The purpose of ‘Andrew’s Law’ is to ensure that anyone who is convicted of killing a member of the emergency services spends ‘life’ behind bars without any ‘discounts’ being applied to their sentences.

The popular campaign is being supported by thousands of decent mind people who understand the true evil that was responsible for PC Harper’s death. 

But Ms Khan caused a storm when she tweeted:

‘It is wrong of PC Andrew Harper’s family to say they have faced injustice.

‘The boys [they were actually adults] have been tried and have received severe sentences for manslaughter. 

‘It is the family of Frank Ogboru who has faced injustice.

‘Mr Ogboru died during police retrainst in 2006’. 

Ms Khan’s tweet has caused a ‘twitter storm’

Members of the police family, and their supporters, felt incensed by the perceived insensitivity of Ms Khan and tweeted her to show their disdain following her remarks. 

But most of them found that Ms Khan blocked them after they shared their thoughts with her.

The Attorney General is currently reviewing the sentences which were handed down to the three men who dragged PC Harper to his death. 

If you would like to follow the progress of ‘Andrew’s Law’ then you can follow the official account on Twitter and on Facebook

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