Police Rescue Sad Looking ‘Bear’ Dumped On A Busy Road

Have you ever been driving along on a busy road and thought that you had just spotted what appeared to be some sort of non-native animal? 

For example, a lion, a cheetah or even maybe a bear? 

Motorists in Essex this afternoon had just that experience when they noticed a ‘bear’ sat stationary in the middle of the road. 

Essex Police received numerous calls from concerned motorists who were quite clearly worried about the condition of the ‘bear’ and the distraction that it might cause to other motorists. 

Thankfully, Essex Polices’ Roads Policing Unit was nearby and on hand to rescue the troubled bear from the middle of the road, and now they are trying to trace its keeper. 

In a post shared on Twitter, a spokesperson for the unit said: 

‘Numerous calls for this poor bear left stranded in the middle of the A13. 

‘We have rescued him with minor injuries to his face. Who does he belong to? 


Somebody somewhere is missing their bear. And, by the looks of it, this bear is missing his/her human family..,

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