PCSO Spotted Talking To A ‘Giant Testicle’ In The High Street

When you are out pounding the streets, looking for wrong-uns, then you never know what you are going to find. 

The air of uncertainty always ensures that you keep your eyes peeled and your ears fully tuned in to your surroundings.

And one Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) no doubt got more than she had even bargained for when she spotted a giant gonad walking along the high street.

Of course, it wasn’t a real testicle because that would just be odd; the sort of ‘odd’ that the FBI/NCA would need to investigate. 

Instead, it was a charity worker who wanted to catch peoples attention by dressing up as, well, some testicles. 

You would have thought that he would have at least shaved before heading out and parading his ‘short and curlies’. 

We aren’t sure if the PCSO is writing him a ticket, asking for an autograph, signing him a song or drawing him, like one of his french girls. 

Either way, we are confident that there was a happy ending……

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