If You Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car Then You Are An Idiot

Here at our social media monitoring HQ, we are seeing loads of posts being shared, reminding dog owners not to leave their beloved pet in a hot baking car. 

And we also see tweets from some police social media accounts which point out that you will probably come back to your car to find that your windows have been smashed if you are silly enough to leave your dog locked up in this heat. 

But surely, if you have to be reminded not to leave your dog in what would effectively be an oven, then you do not deserve to own a dog in the first place? 

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the last thing a dog needs is to be locked in a hot vehicle in the middle of summer. Not just a dog, but any animal that you just happen to have in your car.

Would you like it if someone did it to you?! Of course, you wouldn’t. 

If your dog gets hot and you aren’t lucky enough to have a cooling vest with you that is made specifically for dogs, then take your dog home and give it some water. 

Don’t leave the dog locked in your car with your windows done up because it will probably die! 

I am always on the lookout for dogs which have been locked inside someone’s vehicle during the summer months because I know that the law will **probably** be on my side if I have to smash a car window to save a dog’s life. 

Of course, if you do see an animal in distress then you must always call the police via their non-emergency number or the RSPCA before taking any action yourself. 

But if the police/RSPCA are busy, then I, for one, would not stand by and watch a dog suffer. Would you? Let us know in the comments below!

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One thought on “If You Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car Then You Are An Idiot

  1. 100% with you. Yes I’d call the Police. I’d stay by the car. As soon as the dog/animal looked to be in distress I’d take action if Police were not arrived. I wouldn’t hesitate.

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