WATCH | Fake Cop Stopped By Police After Pulling Over Motorists

Most people understand that, if you want a job that involves using flashing lights to stop motorists, then you need to join the police. 

But not everyone has the skills & bravery needed to become a cop. 

So what happens if you want to pull people over, but you don’t have the powers which come with being a police officer? 

One motorist decided that he was going to fit red and blue LED lights to the front of his car anyway and pull people over. 

The incident happened in the UK. The police in the UK do not even have red flashing lights on the front of their vehicles – but that did not stop this wannabe amateur cop. 

The driver was spotted by the real police in Bradford, England and was reported to a local court after admitting to what he was doing. 

@WYP_RPU tweeted:

‘Manchester Rd, Bradford, this driver thought it would be a good idea to fit emergency lighting to their grill and use them to stop members of public. Reported to court’.

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