Woman Fined $1,652 For Feeding Her Isolated Horse During Lockdown

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A woman in Victoria, Australia, has been given a hefty fine after she was caught by the police travelling to feed her horse. 

Nobody else could feed the mare, and there was no way that the horse’s owner was going to let her beloved horse starve to death. 

So she made the 13km trip to make sure that her horse had enough food to keep it going during the extended lockdown period in the area. 

But under the strict restrictions being applied to the state, residents are only permitted to leave their homes for work, exercise, medical care or essential shopping. 

For some reason, looking after pet horses isn’t on the list. 

Karen Evans was pulled over by the police, after she had just finished delivering much-needed food to her 16-year-old horse, Lily.

According to 7News Australia, Ms Evans told the officer who pulled her over:

“I’ve got no-one else to feed my horse for me.


  1. She has a legal obligation (pandemic or not) to keep her animals safe and alive. That cop will probably be whacked around the head by the judge for even bringing it to court.

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