WATCH | Male Spotted In The Street In Real-Life ‘Protective Bubble’

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Have you ever thought how ‘nice’ it would be to be able to walk around, outside, in your own little protective bubble? 

Not only would you be able to protect yourself from the virus (maybe) but you would also be able to protect yourself from everyday mishaps such as being shat on by a bird. 

If you are serious about social distancing measures, you could also be sure that nobody is going to invade your personal space if you have a real bubble around you. 

Well, one person has been spotted walking (or rolling?) around his local high street in his VERY own protective bubble. 

Thankfully, Janine Rigby was on hand to film the bizarre encounter before uploading the footage to her Facebook page. 

Janine said:

‘Only in Belgrave…The man is singing, ‘I’m the man in the bubble!’.

‘Thank you to this man for making us smile. This was a random act of kindness!’

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