‘Turn Around And F**k Off’ Some People In Cornwall Don’t Want You There!

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At a time when it feels like the walls are closing in on us, you cannot be blamed for wanting to ‘stretch your legs’ and voyage off to parts of the country you haven’t seen for a while. 

But if you ventured ‘down’ to Cornwall this weekend, then you might have been met by an unfriendly sign that was being held by some, shall we say, unfriendly people. 

The sign read, in all of its glory, said: “turn around and f**k off!!”.

It is not clear, at this stage, just how many people did turn around and “f**k off” having spotted the sign.

“I don’t like to see signs like the one we saw on the A30 yesterday. It is being offensive to a large group of people.

“I find it unforgivable. It’s accusing people before they even arrive.”

The sign itself was on display over the A30, near Bodmin during so-called ‘Super Saturday’. 

Elsewhere, in Dawlish, a man took it upon himself to dress up as the Grim Reaper while holding a sign that said “Welcome Holidaymakers”. 

Mr Bell added:

“We are battling to save thousands of jobs.

“Let’s welcome our customers, who will share their money to keep Cornish people in jobs.”

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  1. We came on Saturday with our caravan and were abused by a hgv driver. He told us he wasn’t having it – there had already been a spike’ in covid cases. My husband retorted it wasn’t us we’ve only been here 30 minutes. He accused us of being ‘up country’ but we only came from Devon! Love Cornwall x

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