Some People Are Drinking The Contents Of Communal Hand Sanitiser Stations!

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Hand sanitiser stations are a vital way of helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 and they can be found dotted around all over the place – including inside shops and on the high street.

But some people in South Sheilds, Tyneside, have been smashing up hand sanitiser stations before drinking the contents. 

Most hand sanitisers have a high-concentration of alcohol in them. So high, you could risk yourself serious harm if you ingest the stuff. 

But the risk of damaging your internal organs did not stop three men as they emptied the contents of a hand sanitiser station into milkshake bottles in Hebburn, according to the Metro

“We are looking at the replacement but this has significant cost implications to our council.”

Stealing hand sanitiser is not a new thing, unfortunately. 

For years, people have been taking bottles out of hospitals leading to some hospitals having to remove them from public areas. 

The alcohol in hand sanitiser is often mixed with all sorts of nasty chemicals which can do you body some serious harm if ingested. 

A spokesperson for South Tyneside Council said:

“We are aware that a small minority of people are using hand sanitiser stations inappropriately.

“There have also been some incidents of dispensers being vandalised.

“This is totally unacceptable, and we urge people to behave responsibly.

“These points have been installed for the benefit of the whole community and in line with Government guidance around social distancing and hand hygiene to help prevent further spread of Covid-19.”

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