‘Rolex Extravaganza’ As Five Of Lord Sugar’s ‘Loyal Staff’ Receive The Ultimate Timepieces

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The longest I ever worked for someone else (before working for myself) was around six years. 

And when I left that particular job, I was given a plaque; which was nice. 

Had I of stayed in that job and completed 25 years service, then I might have got maybe a bottle of wine with another plaque. 

But then, I did work in the public sector so I doubt that my employers could have really forked out for anything more extravagant. 

But if you work for Lord Sugar and you manage to clock up nearly three decades of ‘loyal’ service, then you are going to get something much better than a plaque and a bottle of wine. 

You are going to get a Rolex watch. 

And at a time when people tend to skip jobs as often as I used to, the thought of one-day getting your hands on a £15k (?!?) Rolex will probably be enough to keep you at your place of work just that little bit longer. 

Judging by the smiles in the pictures, the recipients of the Rolex watches were clearly well chuffed with their new timepieces. 

What’s the best work-related present you have ever been given? Let us know by tweeting us at: @Daily_Dits

Image credit: @Lord_Sugar / Twitter

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