Police Armed Response Advert Causes A Stir

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Unless you have served in the military, or the armed police (excluding anyone who already owns a gun) then you have probably never fired a weapon. 

Or even seen a real one. 

You might have seen loads of action movies where highly paid actors are firing off blank-firing guns, or you might have played Call of Duty so much that you fancy yourself as a bit of an ‘amateur armourer’. 

But an ‘advert’ posted by the Derbyshire Armed Response Unit (UK) inviting serving officers to apply to become a firearms officer has caused a light-hearted stir after it highlighted all of the essential functions of, in this case, a handgun. 

The diagram refers to the sight as a ‘looky aimy thingy’. The barrel is called a ‘pew pew tube’, and the muzzle flash is referred to as ‘magic light’. 

Meanwhile, the round of ammunition exiting the barrel is called a ‘fast pew’, the trigger is called a ‘clicky bang button’, the magazine is called a ‘pew holder’, and a round of ammo is called a ‘pew’.

Also with the diagram is a picture of a male holding a ‘finger gun’. 

The caption with the tweet (@DerbyshireARU) reads:

At least any potential recruits will now have a thorough understanding of the various essential components of a gun!

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