WATCH: No BS Sheriff Says He Will Deputize Lawful Gun Owners If ‘Protests Turn Violent’

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A no-nonsense Sheriff in Florida has left protesters in little doubt as to whether or not he will tolerate any violence, by confirming that he will deputize lawful gun owners if things turn nasty. 

“If you threaten to come to Clay County and think for one second that we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken,” Clay County Sheriff, Darryl Daniels, stated in a video posted to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

For weeks now, violence has erupted all around America with dozens of people being killed during the disorder.  

Sheriff Daniels said:

“You’ve been warned.”

Daniels also stressed that the relationship between the police and the community in Clay County is “great and not strained”. 

He urged the community that his men and women serve not to “fall victim” to the division being perpetuated by the mainstream media in the country. 

He added: “Look folks don’t fall victim to subjecting yourself to this conversation that law enforcement is bad. 

“That law enforcement is the enemy of the citizens that were sworn to protect and serve”.

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One comment

  1. Just what we need. A county wide cohort of gun toting yahoo’s ‘enforcing’ a personal notion of the law. This is stupid and reckless.

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