Male Leaves Scathing Review Of His Time In A Police Cell

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At a time when we are all used to reading self-published reviews on social media, it can be hard to find one that really sticks out from the crowd. 

Whether it is a review of our favourite restaurant or a summary of our ideal hotel, billions of them are left on various websites each year. 

But what about if you end up getting arrested and spending some time in a police cell? How can you let other people know what your ‘stay’ was like? 

Well, one detained person decided that the best way to leave his review about his stay in a police cell was to make the word ‘c**t’ visible to custody staff via a CCTV camera.

@BarnstapleCust1 shared the image with the caption:

‘Barnstable Custody would like to thank a ‘customer’ for the latest feedback left in toilet roll’. 

But judging by the comments left on the tweet, words being made out of toilet roll isn’t the only thing ‘visitors’ get up to when they are in a police cell. 

One twitter user said:

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