Male Experiences Nightmare That No Male Ever Wants To Face

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Picture the scene; you have been dating a girl for a while now, and you spend more time around her house than your own. 

You are still in the so-called ‘honeymoon’ period, so it is vital that you conduct yourself in a way that will ensure your partner still sees you as the ‘prince amongst the frogs’. 

One night, you decide to have a few drinks. After you go to bed, your bowels wake you up, demanding that you deposit a ‘brown trout’ in the toilet. 

So you wake up, in a daze, and stumble to the toilet in the middle of the night. 

Obviously, you aren’t really thinking about what you are doing. It’s not daytime, and you aren’t pooping in work time, so you want to spend as little time on the toilet as possible before heading back to back. 

You set your ‘brown trouts’ free before heading back to bed with your Mrs. 

You wake up in the morning, and your Mrs is still asleep. But something does not feel right. Something around your midriff is telling you that you need to check the sheets. 

So you check them, only to find that your ‘brown trouts’ have left their mark in your partner’s bed. What do you do!? You don’t want to tell her because you aren’t at that stage in your relationship yet!? 

So what options do you have!? 

The lad’s mate didn’t seem to be able to offer any sound advice

This happened to one lad, so he did what anyone would do; he text his mate and asked for advice. But then his mate uploaded the text convo to Twitter, and now everyone is talking about it. 

Any hope that you had of being able to clean up the ‘crime scene’ before getting away with it has now vanished as your mate has now told the world about it (without giving you any sound advice). 

One empathetic social media did come to the lad’s aid, though. The caring Twitter user said:

“Ask for a strong coffee and then accidentally spill the cup on it…too late for you but happy to help future faux pas! 

“This can also be used if you pee yourself”.

But would advice would you give if this happened to ‘your mate’? Let us know in the comments below! 

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