Lad Playing COD Gets A Visit From The Police After Neighbour Hears Him Shout: ‘I’m Gonna Ram The Knife Up Your A**e’

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When you are playing epic video games such as ‘Call of Duty’, then it is easy to get engrossed in the gameplay as you detach from reality. 

If you have anyone in your house who enjoys playing on a computer, then you have probably heard many screams coming from their room as they take on their digital enemy. 

But what if you hear similar screams coming from your next-door neighbour without know that they are playing video games?

That is precisely what happened recently when one lad got caught up in the moment while playing the popular video game ‘Call of Duty’. 

As he was playing, he shouted at the top of his voice: ‘I’m gonna ram the knife up your a**e’.

Having heard this ‘war cry’, and now knowing that it was a computer sprite that was the target of his rage, his terrified neighbour did what any right-minded person would do, and called the police. 

How was the neighbour to know that the person making this threat was aiming his words at a computer sprite rather than a fellow human being? 

The lad in question took a picture of the police after they had carried out a welfare check at his property and uploaded the pic to social media with the caption: 

‘When your [sic] on cod playing shipment and some guy running round knifing you, so I shouts “I’m going ram the knife up your a**e and someone’s heard me called police on my address for a domestic disturbance’. 

After making sure that nobody at the address had a knife rammed up their buttocks, the police left, and the lad shut his windows before cracking on with his next virtual campaign. 

So next time you are playing Call of Duty on your PS4, remember that your neighbours might be able to hear every word you shout as you take on your virtual foes.

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