Harvard Grad Who Threatened To ‘Stab’ Anyone Who Says ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Fired From Her Job

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A Harvard graduate has said that she has been fired from her job with Deloitte after a social media video of her telling her followers that she would ‘stab’ anyone who says ‘all lives matter’, went viral.

Janover uploaded the inflammatory video to her TikTok account last month.

In the video (below), she ridiculed people who say “all lives matter”.

Janover intimated that “the sheer entitled caucasity” for people to say “all lives matter” made her feel angry.

Janover was lambasted and heavily criticised on social media for her inflammatory comments, with many people calling for the video to be forwarded to the police. 

Janover then went on to claim that the video was an “analogous joke”. But people weren’t buying it. 

Now, in her most recent TikTok video, Janover has said that she has lost her job with Deloitte.

She said that she had been fired from the job that she worked ‘really hard’ for after her employers became aware of the video. 

Β But what do you think? Should she have been fired from her job? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. her choice , nobody forced her to threaten people . Not the image of the company that it wanted , they have more to lose than just her

  2. A keyboard Warrior who thought she could hide behind her threats.
    Credit to her employer for their actions

  3. Serves her right. Behaviour like that is what fuels the racism against white people and does not help the fight against racism from any race or colour. These people just need to grow up!

  4. why should she think she is entitled to keep her job when she makes comments like that bringing herself and her employer into disrepute? Politicians have been sacked for making comments on social media that are incongruous with what the party stands for. People should heed the advice to not put something on social media if it is likely to bite you.

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