Five Reasons Why Wearing A Paper Mask Shouldn’t Be A Problem

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It looks like more and more governments from around the world are finally starting to wake up to the idea that wearing a mask can actually help to save lives. 

After all, one of the main ways of catching the virus is by inhaling the ‘cough’ and ‘sneeze’ clouds (non-medical term) of people who have got the virus. 

So surely, being asked to wear a paper mask when you are around other people is not such a big deal when you consider that, for some people, catching the virus could mean the end of their life. 

I get that some people just do not like being told what to do, regardless of the rationale behind the instructions. 

Reason #2 – fewer people will die

Reason #3 – fewer people will die

Reason #4 – fewer people will die

Reason #5 – fewer people will die

So there you have it; five simple reasons which outline why, in the context of a far bigger picture, wearing a paper mask when you are near other people really should not be a major issue. 

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