Employers Who Take On Veterans Could Get 12 Months Of National Insurance Relief

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Most countries recognise and acknowledge the sacrifices which are made by their military men and women. 

After all, if the s**t hits the fan, then it’s our brave lads and lasses in the military who the general public will expect to defend the country, even if that means they lose their life. 

As a veteran myself, I feel honoured to have served alongside some of the bravest humans I have ever met. 

And I also know how much it means to the veteran community when the government and the general public acknowledge and honour the service of armed forces personnel. 

Today, the Office for Veterans’ Affairs has announced that the UK government is launching a consultation on plans that could see employers not having to pay any National Insurance contributions for any veterans they employ in their first year of employment. 

This might not sound like a big deal. 

Still, as someone who, in my previous business, used to employ 12 people then I can say, based on my own experience, that had all of my staff have been veterans, then I would have saved quite a few thousand pounds – which, as an employer, is a big incentive to employ someone.  

The scheme is intended to: ‘encourage businesses further to utilise the immense skills and experience of veterans’ said a spokesperson for the Office for Veterans’ Affairs. 

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