Businessman Wears COVID-19 Mask Made Of Pure Gold

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We have seen loads of pictures of different homemade masks being shared on social media. In fact, we even wrote an article dedicated to the best (and worst) examples of DIY masks. 

But until about an hour ago, we had not seen a COVID-19 mask that is made of ‘pure gold’. 

But our business is social media, so it isn’t usually long before we spot something unusual. 

A chap by the name of Shankar Kurade decided that his best defence against the virus would be a ‘mask’ made out of pure gold. 

‘I always go out wearing all the jewellery pieces so when I saw this man on TV wearing a mask made of gold, I thought, why should I not get it made in gold? 

‘I went to my personal jeweller and proposed the idea. 

‘They took eight days to make it’.

I’m no specialist when it comes to masks and knowing which ones are best to wear to help protect you from getting the virus. 

But something tells me that this mask, as lovely as it looks, probably won’t be that effective when it comes to stopping tiny particles from entering your respiratory system! 

Mr Kurhade added:

‘Wherever I go, people stop me for selfies. They are startled to see me waking with a gold mask. The are curious to know if it is real gold’.

One social media pointed out that: ‘Money can buy you anything except common sense.’

Even if I had the money for a gold mask, I think I would rather stick with more traditional ones…If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, then we have found these masks for you

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