A Petition Is Calling For The Takoma Police K9 Unit To Be Disbanded

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Police dogs provide a vital service to the public and to the police. 

Not only do they help to subdue violent suspects, but they also help to find high-risk and vulnerable missing people. 

You only have to spend a short amount of time checking out the social media feeds of police Twitter accounts to read the heartwarming stories about police dogs which have found vulnerable people who have threatened self-harm. 

But one former councilman in Takoma Park (US) has called for his local K9 unit to be disbanded, and he has set up a petition to try and make sure that it happens. 

The exact details of the mistaken identity ‘incident’ are not known, but, as we all know, sometimes a working service dog can get confused when he/she is ‘at work’. 

The police dog that bit the woman is no longer on active duty, and the woman ended up getting a substantial payout from the City of Takoma Park.  

But the petition urges people to tell Ludlow and Police Chief Antonio DeVaul that it’s ‘time for Takoma Park to evolve’ and ‘make police dogs a thing of the past’. S

So far, 166 letters have been sent. The goal is 200, according to the petition.

Do you think that the K9 unit should be disbanded? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. No they should not be disbanded. They provide a vital service and help the police in many ways. If they are outdated then so are Mayors and councilmen! Now they really do need a shake up!

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